Yellow Rent...the landlord's local best friend

Yellow's local rental reputation as the undisputed market leader has been built upon recruiting "can do" investment property experts. Our highly trained staff provide an agile proactive daily support service for both landlords and tenants. Our successful rental management model has been forged with landlords (local or overseas) built upon trust. New landlords are switching to Yellow upon recommendation in the full knowledge that their prized assets are going to yield the return on investment, enjoying a hassle free relationship.

Best Fees in town

  • We work under a transparent competitive contract which does not mark-up external maintenance suppliers.

Fast Tenant Find Service (usually within 3 weeks) - £450 + vat

  • We provide an agile recruitment service to minimise property voids with quicker turnarounds.

Comprehensive Local Vetting Service

  • We provide a "good tenant" vetting service to help ensure you get reliable tenants who can pay on time and treat your property as you would expect.

Fully Managed Service - 10% + VAT

  • Yellow Rentals will provide a management service for collecting the rent and checking upkeep of the property, as well as managing the contractors who respond to emergency repairs which can occur when you are away on holiday.
  • Enjoy the "hassle free" property management fast response support service - to ensure safe and secure ownership


  • Tenancy Renewal £100 + VAT (£120)
  • Deposit Registration Fee £35 + VAT (£42)
  • Inventory Fee £75 + VAT (£90)
  • Energy Performance Certificate £75 + VAT (£90)

The result

Renting your property with Yellow as your managing agent provides you with a determined team whom you can trust and rely upon to profitably manage your properties, helping you to minimise running costs and maximise rental income...Yellow have the local knowledge to do this better.

Looking after your property

  • The property’s presentation is important to maximising the rental income, ensuring you find something easy and cheap to maintain.
  • Yellow Rentals will provide you with 3 monthly routine inspection reports regarding how well the tenant is looking after your property and what maintenance issues need addressing by you the landlord.
  • Even unfurnished properties will usually have carpets, curtains or blinds and white goods in the kitchen. Avoid buying second-hand electrical goods; repairs or replacement are a nuisance and you need to be sure they meet the statutory safety standards.
  • Ideally you want to market the B2L property as unfurnished because most people want to bring along their own household goods and furniture.
  • A landlord's gas safety certificate is mandatory and the boiler will need to be serviced every six months by a Gas Safe engineer

Forget the moving bluesgo Yellow.

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